Blue Christmas 2020

This holiday season speaks much about joy, peace, love and family. However, the reality is that
for many people, churched and unchurched, the season can be one of loneliness and pain.

We offer this unique and special service as a way to help those who have a painful experience:
such as a death of a loved one, a broken relationship, loss of a job, poor health, or any COVID related struggle.

Join Us Live

On Monday, 12/21/20 at 7:00 pm, Bridge Family Worship Center will offer a non-
denominational service called “Blue Christmas” led by Pastor Jim Laughrey, PhD in counseling.

Join Us on Facebook

The service will be broadcast on the church Facebook page – Bridge Family Worship Center,
Yulee, Fl. If you are not available at that time, just go any time to the Facebook page – 12/21/20 Blue Christmas. If you have any questions, email them to [email protected]